Why The Charis Group?

Sales, marketing and product development recruiting for the safety industry.


For nearly 25 years, The Charis Group has been the premier sales, marketing and product development headhunter for the safety industry. We know this industry inside and out and we keep our finger on the pulse of emerging trends so our clients can stay ahead of the curve.

We have strong and trusting relationships with our database of over 60,000 professionals. We know who the top candidates are and we know what they want in a potential career move. By continually forming relationships with up-and-comers and following them throughout their careers, we can help you pinpoint the right person at just the right time.


Over 90% of the candidates we place remain key contributors in our client organizations. Our unrelenting commitment to quality and accuracy makes us a trusted advisor in the safety industry.

We achieve our accuracy by prioritizing open communication. We learn about your company, its culture, the personalities that encompass your company, your company’s growth path, and market position, as well as your challenges and goals to develop a profile of a fully-aligned candidate. With this information we are able to identify, attract and captivate the “passive” candidate, that you would have interest in, but are unable to attract on your own. We know how to best represent your opportunities to prospective candidates. Then, we present the best matches for your business.

Here, we seek the most exceptional candidates in the market, not those “available” candidates that other recruiters throw out there. Our team deploys a proven, rigorous process to ensure our candidates exceed expectations. The Charis Group delivers candidates with the skills sets and personal attributes to quickly make an impact.

Service Excellence

The Charis Group is synonymous with quality. We provide personalized attention and white-glove service to everyone we work with, whether the company is a startup or a Fortune 500, whether the candidate is a VP or an individual contributor, whether we’ve known you 15 years or 15 minutes.

Service excellence isn’t something we strive for – it’s our standard. We take the time to dig deep to learn as much as we can about every business we work with and every candidate we meet. We listen more than we speak so that the end result of every search is a perfectly aligned match and a win-win for the business and the candidate.

Build Your Team

Access top sales, marketing and product development talent for your safety manufacturing business.