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Interested in a Job in Sales? Consider Applying with a Safety Equipment Distributor

Whether you are looking for your next job in sales or just beginning a career in sales, you have a significant number of industries to choose from. One of them is safety equipment.

The safety equipment sector is experiencing increased growth. This means that a substantial number of sales jobs are becoming available. You have a variety of roles to choose from that fit your skills and interests.

Discover four trends that are increasing the need for safety equipment sales professionals and how you can land a job with a distributor.

Elevated Focus on Workplace Safety

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, employers are following stricter safety standards and practices. Because of the rising costs and consequences of not meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workplace safety regulations, employers are more focused on adherence to these standards. This helps reduce lost wages and productivity, medical and administrative expenses, motor-vehicle property damage, and employer costs. It also increases the opportunities to sell safety equipment.

Rising Demand for Safety Equipment

Innovation in design, materials, and manufacturing processes is increasing the use of safety equipment. The changes make the equipment safer, more comfortable, and more appealing to users. For instance, safety gloves made of Kevlar are more resistant to cuts than gloves made from other materials. Also, research into materials such as polyolefins, polyamides, and ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyurethane improves the fabrics used to make protective clothing. Plus, foam linings and anti-fog coatings on safety glasses provide users better visibility and greater comfort. The more workers wear the required safety equipment, the more employers need to purchase it.

Growth in Industries That Require Safety Equipment

The industries that use the majority of safety equipment purchased are increasing the demand for the equipment. For instance, the pandemic increased the need for masks, gloves, and other equipment for healthcare workers. Also, the rebounding construction and industrial industries are increasing the need for safety equipment. Sales professionals are needed to distribute this equipment.

Increasing Value of Safety Equipment Sales Professionals to Customers

The function of safety equipment sales professionals is evolving to include delivering outcomes along with the products. For instance, companies that sell ear protection also may train customers’ employees on how to use the products. This lets sales professionals build stronger partnerships with customers to sell a higher level of safety performance along with their products. As a result, the sales professionals can compete on more than just price.

Interested in a Safety Equipment Sales Role?

If you are interested in an inside sales role in the industrial safety equipment and PPE fields, contact the expert recruiters at The Charis Group today. Or, browse our current sales openings and apply online.