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Is a Move into Sales Management Right for You?

Moving from a sales role to a sales manager position can be difficult. Although you may excel at selling, you may not be as skilled at managing sales reps.

Whereas the principles within the field are the same, the skills required to succeed are different. This is why you should carefully consider whether a move into management is in your best interest.

Use these guidelines to determine whether you should move from a sales role into a sales management position.

Differences Between a Sales Rep and a Sales Manager

A top sales rep typically works well on their own. They tend to be self-motivated and independent, free from the need for direction. In contrast, an effective sales manager serves as a coach. They listen to their reps’ needs and provide the motivation to sell.

The manager puts their needs secondary to the needs of their sales team. As a result, you should consider whether the responsibilities of a sales manager fit your priorities and interests.

Sales Manager Traits

    • An effective sales manager works well with others. They can handle different personalities, egos, and skill levels in a high-pressure environment.
    • The manager focuses on continuous learning. They understand that regularly adding to their skill set is important.
    • The sales manager listens more than they talk. They focus on coaching their team to generate ideas to better sell the product.
    • The manager knows how to match their sales reps with clients. They help their team develop strategies to work with challenging clients.
    • The sales manager understands how to set boundaries with their team. They provide support and encouragement without being friends with their team members.

Sales Manager Responsibilities

    • A successful sales manager understands their product. They continuously come up with new leads and ideas to keep their reps motivated.
    • The manager creates realistic goals for their team members. They also help their team deal with rejection.
    • The sales manager develops performance reviews to improve the success of their team. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of their sales reps.
    • The manager sells their product at set times throughout the year. This helps them understand what their team goes through during the process.

Are You Ready to Advance Your Sales Career?

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