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Recover from Career Burnout When You Make These 4 Changes

Career burnout is becoming more common than ever before. It typically results from stress related to dealing with challenging work situations on a chronic basis.

Experiencing career burnout can result in fatigue, cynicism, and detachment. It can distort reality and make peace of mind seem nearly impossible to attain.

Career burnout tends to replace passion, motivation, and energy with feelings of exhaustion, disillusionment, and frustration. Fortunately, as overwhelming as burnout can feel, recovery is possible.

Implementing any of these four changes can help you recover from career burnout.

1. Practice Self-Compassion

Be patient with yourself as you work through your feelings. Keep in mind that healing is a process that takes time. It will not happen overnight.

  • Notice and reward the effort you put in. This is just as important as the outcomes you attain.
  • Have an ownership mindset. Find opportunities to improve your current and future circumstances.
  • Change your viewpoint of work. Focus on what you accomplish each day, not just what you need to do tomorrow. Celebrate your small successes every day.

2. Set Boundaries

Determine which action items fit your schedule and needs. Write down when you will accomplish each task during the day or week. Eliminate or delegate the less-important activities when possible.

  • If you work remotely, keep your work hours and work area consistent.
  • When you find yourself being unproductive, take a short break.
  • Keep a list of the things that stress you out and the things that reenergize you. When you feel stressed, engage in an action that reenergizes you.
  • Reflect on your values, goals, and priorities and why you do your work. Keep a gratitude journal to make the process easier.

3. Develop Effective Habits

Recognize and replace the actions that may contribute to feelings of burnout. This helps prevent the actions from controlling your life.

  • Eat healthy foods, exercise every day, and get enough sleep at night.
  • Practice staying mindful, present, and nonjudgmental.
  • Listen to music, read something relaxing or meaningful, or reflect on the important moments of your day before going to bed.

4. Take Time Off

Schedule time to focus exclusively on self-care. Use your time away from work to reset and refresh.

  • Decide whether you want to take a vacation or stay home.
  • Turn off your work email and other notifications to completely disengage.
  • Spend time in nature as much as possible.

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