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How To Develop High-Level Strategies for Success

Now is an excellent time for you to make plans to improve your sales performance for the year. The more you plan your work, the more likely you are to reach your targets. This sets you apart from other sales professionals and keeps you competitive. The more deals you close, the more value you add to the organization.

The following are four high-level strategies you may want to use to increase your sales success.

Set Your Goals

Clarify how you want to elevate your sales performance this year. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART). Also, have a baseline to know where you are starting from. Examples include qualifying leads, appointment acceptance rates, average response time, closing rates, conversion rates, average sales cycle lengths, and referral customers.

Prospect with Video

Using video when prospecting keeps your sales approach human-centered. Being face to face with your prospects helps establish connections and create conversations. This shows your authenticity and helps build meaningful relationships.

Video helps you more efficiently and effectively reach decision-makers. It takes less than 3 minutes to record and send a video to a prospect. They can see your face and hear your voice, which sets you apart from other sales professionals. Holding a whiteboard with the prospect’s name on it in your video further grabs their attention and personalizes your message. This encourages the prospect to follow up with you.

Listen More Than You Talk

Spend more time paying attention to your prospect’s words than how you want to reply. Your prospect needs to feel they are heard and their needs are understood. Be sure to ask follow-up questions to gain more information about your prospect and their pain points. This encourages trust in your brand and the desire to do business with you.

Be sure you pay attention to your prospect’s tone and emotion as they relate to their pain points. Also, show empathy when clarifying what you heard. Plus, summarize the conversation to ensure you have the highlights correct. Practicing active listening plays a significant role in closing deals.

Request Referrals

Asking for warm leads can help you reach your sales goals. You can increase the likelihood of receiving referrals by exceeding your customer’s expectations. Also, engage with your customers between appointments by providing something of value. This may involve hosting educational webinars or creating video email campaigns with content that is relevant to your customer. Additionally, use social media, text, video, or other channels to connect with your customers. Be sure to thank your customers for referring you to other prospects.

Are you ready to advance your sales career?

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