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Boomerang Employees: Who Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

A boomerang employee is an employee who leaves a company they work for, then returns later to work for it again. Among the most common reasons for finding employment elsewhere are earning more income, learning new skills, or exploring another industry. Other reasons involve a partner’s relocation, raising children, or handling a medical condition.

If an employee left your organization on good terms, odds are it would be a good idea to hire them back. The benefits they can provide likely form a strong foundation on which to base your hiring decision.

Here are four advantages your company can gain by hiring a boomerang employee.

1. Greater Savings

A boomerang employee requires less time and money to interview, onboard, and train than a brand-new hire. For instance, because they already worked for you, you know they fit your culture and understand your processes. This likely lessens the amount of time needed for interviewing and onboarding. Also, if your former employee has been working full-time or volunteering, they should have received training elsewhere that can help them begin producing in a short amount of time. Additionally, your former employee likely has different viewpoints to help solve problems and overcome obstacles.

2. Increased Skill Set

A boomerang employee likely has picked up more abilities since leaving an organization. As a result, you should use the additional experience to benefit your organization. For instance, you may ask your former employee what they have been doing since they left the company. Whether they have been advancing their career, going to school, volunteering, or raising a family, they likely picked up skills that can add more value to your company.

3. Higher Morale

A boomerang employee should be excited to be back with a company. They likely will model a positive attitude and high engagement. This typically leads to greater productivity, job satisfaction, and morale among your team.

4. Stronger Retention

A boomerang employee typically returns to a company more committed than they were previously. This means they likely enjoyed working for your organization and want to enjoy the experience again. As a result, your former employee may be determined to stay longer than before.

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