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Overcome the Top 6 Client Objections Using These Tips

As a sales professional, you are used to hearing objections. To move forward in the sales process, you need to overcome the objections and persuade your prospects to meet with you. This can lead to a higher number of closes and increased career success.

Use these tips to overcome six common objections and move forward in the sales process.

1. “We don’t need your product at this time.”

You might mention that because the industry has been witnessing specific changes, a recent client just signed with your company to impact a specific problem positively. Since the prospect mentioned the same issue during a previous conversation, it would be in their best interest to learn how your product can add value to their business.

2. “We already work with your competitor.”

You might mention that you and the competitor share lots of customers. Many find accomplishing a specific goal is much easier with your product because it provides certain unique benefits. Then, ask whether you should set up a time to discuss the matter further.

3. “Send me some information and I’ll get back to you.”

Agree to send the information, then ask open-ended follow-up questions to qualify the prospect. For instance, mention that you have a 100-page product feature e-book you can send, but if you can ask a few quick questions, you can send only the parts that may interest the prospect.

4. “I have to speak with the other leaders about this.”

Circle back to your value proposition and show how you solved similar problems for other customers. You might bring up that the prospect liked certain features of your product and that they benefitted other clients in specific ways. Be sure to set up a time for a follow-up discussion.

5. “I don’t see how your product differs from the others.”

You may ask what your prospect means by saying your product is just like your competitors’ products. They may share what they do not like about their current provider and the previous companies they did business with. You can use this information to discuss the challenges your prospect is facing and point out specific ways to solve their problems. Then, ask whether it would make sense to set a time for further discussion.

6. “Your product costs too much.”

Communicate a clear picture of the value your product provides by resolving a problem your prospect has. Then, ask whether your product would help solve a specific problem if money were not an issue. After that, ask whether price is the only thing keeping them from purchasing your product. Continue to ask follow-up questions as you move toward a close.

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