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Essential Tips for Maintaining Sales Productivity During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a slow time for B2B sales. With company contacts taking vacations and businesses closing, you may find it challenging to stay productive. Having a plan in place can guide you to take action and achieve your desired results.

Implement these tips to continue reaching your sales goals during the holiday season.

1. Make Early December Your End-of-Year Close

Have your pricing, terms, and other concessions expire on December 10th. This way, negotiations can occur when stakeholders are in the office. It also reduces the stress of closing deals during the holidays. If your prospect needs more time to make decisions, ask what they can do by the deadline. Even something as simple as a purchase number can help your deal move forward.

2. Schedule Discovery Calls in December

Begin filling your pipeline of prospects for the new year in December. Book as many prospects as possible, regardless of qualification. This will fill January with qualified conversations to accelerate your sales process.

3. Push New Business to January

Most new opportunities in mid-to-late November will not close by the end of the year. This means you should use your time to close existing opportunities. For instance, if a prospect requests a December demo or late-November trial, let them know your trials are booked through December, but you can get them scheduled for January. Your prospect typically asks to be scheduled for January or will ask to be squeezed in during December. If you have a motivated buyer, they may want to close quickly. If so, move forward accordingly.

4. Deliver Client Gifts

Call your customers to find out when you can drop off holiday gifts. When you are in front of your customers, mention any product sales or promotions going on. They may want to take advantage of the additional savings, which can help you reach your sales goals.

5. Focus on Internal Activities

Take time during the end of December to prepare internally for the new year. For instance, reengage with your marketing and operations coworkers to learn about upcoming product enhancements and marketing campaigns. Also, meet with your coworkers in different departments to learn about the company’s strategic goals for the next six months. Additionally, find out which direction the organization is moving in and how the changes may affect you. Use the information to prepare over your break.

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