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Dust Off the Cobwebs on Your Resume Using These 5 Hacks

A well-written resume should create enough interest in your sales skills and experience that a hiring manager would want to meet you to find out more. This is why there are certain things you should include and leave off your resume to gather and sustain interest in your abilities. Properly constructing your resume can result in more than one employer contacting you for an interview.

Discover five things to include on or leave off your sales resume during your next job search.

1. List Your Employment History

Include the companies you worked for over the past ten years. List the business name, address, and dates of employment. Be honest about everything because it likely will be verified before you potentially receive a job offer.

2. Mention Your Prospecting Skills

Share your method for finding prospective customers. Include where you get your leads from and your process for contacting them. Also, mention the percentage of the business you close from self-generated leads and from company-generated leads. This says a lot about how much of a top performer you are.

3. Share Your Quota and Sales Achievement

Include sales performance keywords on your resume. Words such as “President’s Club” or a description of your quota as being “100% against quota achievement” show you are a top performer. Also, be sure you use specific numbers to describe your success and sales achievement. Numbers provide vital context for your accomplishments.

4. Avoid Mentioning Personal Information

You may be taken out of consideration for a position if you share certain types of information. For instance, you may look favorably on the fact that you are married and have two children. However, the hiring manager may question whether you would want to travel 40% of the time when you have a family.

5. Leave Off Your Tasks and Duties

A hiring manager is looking for the sales results you have attained and your fit with company culture. They are not looking for the generic skills you have to complete your work. Examples of what to leave off include “Responsible for identifying key business opportunities in my territory” and “Daily customer contact with excellent customer service.” It is apparent that a sales professional uncovers business opportunities and maintains daily customer contact. As a result, you should exclude tasks and duties unless they help you qualify for a position.

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