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Elevate Your Resume by Using These 5 Key Metrics

Having your sales resume stand out is essential in today’s job market. Because your qualifications may be similar to other candidates’, you need to show specific ways that you added value for previous employers and can do the same for your next one. The quality of your achievements may provide a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Use these five metrics on your sales resume to increase your odds of landing an interview.

1. Revenue and Sales Growth

Point out specific figures that show your contribution to revenue and sales growth. For instance, mention how much you increased revenue on a month-over-month or year-over-year basis. Also, mention how many sales you made and your strategies to increase revenue. Additionally, if you persevered through the coronavirus pandemic or other adverse events, point out why your achievements were especially impressive. Hiring managers can use this information to better understand how you can add value to their company.

2. Cost Reduction and Profitability Improvement

Share concrete examples of how you reduced costs and improved profitability. For instance, include how much you decreased operating costs and how much you improved your division’s profitability. If you reduced the cost to produce a product or deliver a service, mention how. Or, if you eliminated overhead costs, mention what you did. Hiring managers want to see how you improved the company’s bottom line.

3. Process Optimization

Demonstrate how well you improved existing processes. Be sure to include the tools you used and how much time you saved with the processes you created. Also, mention how much you improved efficiency and what the results of your analysis yielded. Hiring managers always want ways to get more done with fewer resources.

4. Leadership

Include bullet points that involve your achievements with recruitment, training, and team leadership. For instance, mention how many people were on your team and how many direct and indirect reports you had. Also, discuss how many candidates you interviewed and for how many positions. Additionally, share how much you improved team engagement scores or retention levels. Plus, talk about how many training sessions you delivered and how they improved team performance. These metrics provide context for the scope of your position, impact, and leadership abilities.

5. Marketing and Partnership Development

Share your results for marketing or building partnerships. For instance, include how many impressions your marketing initiatives generated and the ROI of your campaigns. Also, mention how many deals you signed and partners you brought to the company. Additionally, share how much you increased conversion rates. Include year-over-year comparisons or timelines to provide additional context for your accomplishments.

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