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4 Ways to Avoid ‘The Great Resignation’ at Your Company

With the increasing uncertainty everyone experienced in 2020, many job seekers decided to postpone their search. As things begin to open up this year, a significant number are finding new roles. As a sales manager, it is essential you do what you can to minimize the impact this can have on your company.

Here are four ways to encourage your best sales employees to stay on your team.

1. Talk with Your Team Members

Find out whether your sales team members want to work remotely, in-office, or hybrid. Some may want to return to in-person collaboration and socialization. Others may want to work from home due to health and safety concerns. Since your team likely was working remotely after the pandemic hit, they should have the tools and technology to continue doing so. Be sure to set guidelines and expectations for the work model you decide on. If it includes remote or hybrid work, implement additional ways to encourage employee connections, provide support, and meet their needs.

2. Prioritize Employee Well-Being

Emphasize the importance of self-care for your sales team. Because stress and anxiety levels continue to remain high, your team members need to engage in habits that promote health and relaxation. Examples include healthy eating, daily exercise, designated work hours, regular breaks, engagement in meaningful activities, and proper sleep. These activities increase motivation, concentration, productivity, and life satisfaction.

3. Review Compensation

Make sure each team member’s salary and bonus structure is in line with the market. Because employees want to be fairly compensated for their time and results, they need to be earning competitive pay. Be sure to give raises where appropriate and talk with the affected team members.

4. Encourage Lateral Moves

If your sales team members want more career development options, working in another area of the company may be an option. You might want to suggest stretch assignments, job shadowing, or cross-training to gain additional skills and learn other roles that fit the employee’s goals and interests.

Are You Looking to Build Your Sales Team?

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