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5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Ghost a Potential Employer

Are you among the job seekers who are not going to interviews, responding to job offers, or showing up for work after being hired? Although it may be tempting to disappear from the recruitment process with no explanation or communication, it can damage your career. It is better to leave a voicemail or email saying you no longer are interested in the position and want to take yourself out of the running.

Here are five ways ghosting can negatively impact your sales career.

1. The Employer May Be Concerned About You

If you do not show up at a scheduled time or respond to communications, the hiring manager may think that something happened to you. They could wonder if you had an accident, are in the hospital, or experienced another type of emergency. This causes unnecessary stress, especially if you went through rounds of interviews and established a relationship with the manager.

2. You Waste Everyone’s Time

If you stop responding to the hiring manager, you throw away valuable time for everyone. You most likely invested a significant amount of time preparing your resume and getting ready for your interview. The hiring manager probably spent hours going through resumes and interviewing candidates. Now, they need to spend even more time interviewing other candidates who may not be their top choice for the position.

3. Saying “No” Is a Valuable Skill

The ability to handle difficult conversations is essential. It shows you have the necessary skills to communicate and deal with conflict. As a result, it is better to be upfront with a hiring manager about not wanting a job than by not responding to them.

4. You Can Damage Your Professional Reputation

Sales industry professionals are strongly connected. This means your name may come up during discussions about candidates who ghosted them. As a result, your name may be blacklisted with other companies. It can be harder to find a job if hiring managers are aware of your reputation for not following through. Even worse, you may discover that a hiring manager you previously ghosted now works for a different company that you want to be a part of. Odds are you will not be contacted for an interview.

5. You Close the Door to Future Opportunities

If you leave an employer hanging, you probably will not be considered for other positions that better fit your skills and interests. This means you cannot stay in touch and potentially be contacted for an interview when a different role becomes available. The hiring manager also will not refer you to another organization in need of a sales professional. This could be detrimental if you ever become unemployed and need a job.

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