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The Unspoken Rules Elite Sales Professionals Follow

Whether you are just starting your sales career or establishing yourself for years, there is always more to learn. One of the best ways to increase your success is by learning from top sales professionals. Following their advice and modeling their behavior can lead to new opportunities to advance your career.

Discover three unspoken rules that top sales leaders follow, and you should, too.

1. Networking Is an Effective Sales Strategy

One of the best ways to generate leads is by networking. The more you meet prospects and let them know what you do, the greater your odds of finding new customers. For instance, when meeting people at a networking event, check whether their name tag says which company they work for. If so, mention that you have not come across the company and would love to know what it does, or that you have used its product/service and am curious what the person does there. Also, have your elevator pitch ready for when someone asks what you do. Plus, exchange business cards so you can follow up later. Even if the person cannot help you now, they could introduce you to someone who needs your product/service.

2. Understand What the Prospect May Be Going Through

When you know some of the problems a prospect might be experiencing, you may be better equipped to provide solutions through your product/service. For instance, as prospects struggle to reopen and resume operations as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, you should be finding new opportunities to resolve some of their biggest pain points. This may include setting up virtual chat sessions to share your product/service innovations and how they can benefit a prospect. Serving as an advisor during this time of uncertainty encourages prospects to learn more about your offerings. In time, they may decide that your product/service is in their best interest and want to close a deal.

3. Postponement of a Deal Should Require a Firm Future Commitment

If a prospect wants to postpone a deal, you need to establish some boundaries before investing additional time in the process. For instance, the prospect needs to agree that you and your company are the right ones to provide the product/service they need. They also must believe that there is a mutual fit and a future opportunity to work together. Additionally, the prospect has to agree to the next meeting with an exact date and time. Plus, you must require a firm commitment to get back together. If the prospect cannot agree to these terms, invest your time elsewhere.

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