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4 Practical Prospecting Tips You Should Be Implementing in Your Sales Strategy

Although prospecting may not be as exciting as closing a deal, it remains a necessary part of the sales process. Keeping an entire pipeline of leads is necessary to reach your sales goals. To maintain your prospect list, you need a plan to continue finding companies that may need your product/service.

Implement these four tips to enhance your prospecting results.

1. Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

Use your database to determine what your ideal customer looks like. Start by determining which customers are your top five best and worst and your top five most and least profitable. Then, use this information to record organization size, revenue, business structure, company strengths, and weaknesses. Also, focus on their customer base size, industry, location, how purchasing decisions are made, limitations of their products/services, and their marketing budget. Next, use your findings to create profiles for your best, worst, most profitable, and least profitable customers. After that, identify your ideal customer’s pain points and how your product/service can solve them. Use this information to find companies that match the criteria. Add these organizations to your prospect list.

2. Find Ways to Meet Your Ideal Prospects

Consider how you met your most profitable customers. It may have been at a trade show or seminar or through a referral. Then, write down your findings. This shows your most effective ways to meet prospects. Next, think about the upcoming industry events or social events your ideal prospects are likely to participate in. These are the events you want to be present at. Additionally, focus on the social media platforms, newsfeeds, and digital publications your ideal prospects are likely to frequent. You want to establish a strong presence in these locations. Use these methods to connect with your ideal prospects.

3. Follow Up

Be sure to make more phone calls, forward additional information, and follow up with your leads in other ways. Since people typically do not respond after your first contact, you need to keep the process going. Following up over time builds relationships. It also shows your determination and trustworthiness. Whether you are just checking in, sending a draft proposal or product specs, or sharing a thank-you note, every contact increases the odds of making a sale.

4. Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is the most effective way to find prospects. The best time to ask for referrals is after a sale. Satisfied customers typically are happy to refer you to other companies that may need your product/service. Because these prospects know and trust the person providing the referral, they are more likely to do business with you than companies without a mutual connection.

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