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What Gen Z Is Looking for in Their Employers and How Your Company Can Adapt

Generation Z is starting to make up more and more of the workforce. This makes it likely your sales team will gain members born between 1996 and 2010. To find and keep these workers, you should be aware of what interests them most when looking for a job.

Find out what Generation Z wants most in an employer and how your sales team can accommodate them.

1. Competitive Compensation

Generation Z desires compensation for their contributions and achievements. Because many watched their parents struggle through the 2008 recession and see millennials having a hard time paying off student debt, Generation Z tends to be debt-averse. As a result, financial security is essential to them. Be sure you offer competitive salaries and benefits with opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions based on performance.

2. Career Advancement

Generation Z wants clear paths to move forward in their careers. The majority expect a promotion after a year of employment. Also, many expect to be in their dream job within ten years. As a result, Generation Z typically are willing to job hop as often as it takes to advance their careers. For this reason, you need to show a clear path for their sales career with your organization. You also need to provide the resources, tools, and support to earn promotions regularly.

3. Flexibility

Generation Z wants the flexibility to fit in work around their personal lives. In addition to a flexible schedule and remote work options, the majority desire to cross-train in different departments. This provides the freedom to change employers and career paths. To accommodate, be sure you provide cross-training opportunities and encourage your team members to remain for as long as possible.

4. Technology

Generation Z expects to use the latest technology. Because the iPhone was introduced when the oldest of them was 10, Facebook was around only a few years. Instagram began when the youngest of the generation was born, they are the most technologically savvy workers. To accommodate, make sure your sales team uses current technology in its processes.

5. Open Communication

Generation Z expects near-constant communication from management. Because most receive push notifications on their phones and follow 24/7 news cycles, they are bombarded with information. Having this ongoing stream of information to process is one reason why Generation Z typically will speak up about anything they disagree with. Rather than blindly follow leadership decisions, Generation Z are likely to ask questions and provide counterpoints. Be prepared to regularly communicate about the company mission, vision, and values. Also, address questions and concerns right away. Additionally, continuously provide information on how Generation Z’s work impacts the organization. Plus, share real-time feedback to help improve performance.

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