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Recent Grads: Fast-Track Your Career Utilizing These Tips for Success

As a recent college graduate, you are ready to establish your career path. After establishing what you want your career to look like, one of your first steps is to land an interview. Implementing these tips can help you get going.

Discover four ways to start along your career path today.

1. Use Your Campus Resources

Take advantage of your career center, career counselors, job database, and other campus resources. They are there to help you plan your career path and land your first job. Also, participate in alumni events to connect with other graduates from your school. People enjoy hiring and working with others from their alma mater. Plus, use LinkedIn to find alumni in your target field or company. Set up a time to talk with them, making sure to mention you went to the same college.

2. Talk with Your Network

Contact your connections who work in the field you want to enter. They may be able to introduce you to hiring managers and other professionals who can help with your job search. Also, set up informational interviews to learn more about a field, company, or position. Gaining additional insight makes you a more marketable candidate. Additionally, when you find a job you want to apply for, see if you know any employees in the organization who may be willing to provide a referral for you. This increases your odds of landing an interview.

3. Customize Your Resume

Treat your resume as a marketing document filled with content tailored to fit your job goals. Clarify how your education and work experience fits the qualifications the role requires. Be sure to mention your transferrable skills that can lead to success in the position. This includes clear communication, project management, collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Include concrete examples of how you used these skills to attain the desired results. For example, you may have engaged in a fundraiser that exceeded the goal amount for a local charity. Your resume should get past the applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hands of a hiring manager.

4. Work with a Staffing Agency

A professional recruiter from a staffing firm can place you with employers and positions that fit your education and career goals. You can gain skills and experience that look great on your resume. You also may be able to try out roles to see whether you like them before deciding whether to commit permanently. If you discover the company or job is not a good fit, you can change to another position elsewhere.

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