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Simple Work Habits That Will Make You Better (and Happier!) at Your Job

Like most sales professionals, you probably spend more time at work than you do at home. As a result, you should be doing what you can to maximize your sales performance. After all, the better you are at your job, the more satisfied you are with your work. The happier you are with your job, the more fulfilling your life is.

Increase your sales performance and job satisfaction by developing these habits.

1. Prioritize Your Health

Your level of health is strongly tied to your work performance. After all, you need the energy to focus on selling and interacting with coworkers. So, be sure to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Also, exercise regularly to boost your brain and metabolism. Plus, maintain a consistent sleep schedule, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

2. Maintain Regular Breaks

Take time to rest throughout the day. As a human, your brain needs time to zone out to continue to process at a high level. You can completely disengage from work by going for a walk, meditating, or talking with a coworker who also is on a break. You should come back more focused and ready to engage.

3. Keep an Organized Workspace

Make sure your work area remains uncluttered. Keeping in front of you only what you need to perform your work and putting away the rest helps you stay focused. It serves as a reminder to keep your headspace clear, which enhances your mood and productivity.

4. Display a Positive Attitude

Maintain an optimistic outlook each day. Since your attitude is contagious, it will encourage your colleagues to act similarly. Maintaining a positive work environment enhances your mood and helps you remain productive. It reminds you to focus on the good things to increase your level of happiness, creating a cycle of appreciation and fulfillment.

5. Request Constructive Feedback

Ask your manager and colleagues for feedback on your sales performance. Be sure they emphasize what you are doing well and specific ways you can improve. Also, talk about the mistakes you made, what you learned from them, and how you plan to do better next time.

6. Focus on Your Goals

Look at your list of goals each day. Remind yourself how your sales role contributes to your career path. When things get tough, this can provide motivation to continue moving forward. It also can shift your thoughts to when the time is right to find a more senior position.

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