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6 Upskilling Opportunities Marketing Professionals Should Take to Grow Their Career

As a marketing professional, one key to your career progression is upskilling. By continually adding your skillset, you are better equipped to fill a variety of roles that fit your needs and interests. This may include hard-to-fill roles that come with higher salaries and more desirable benefits and perks than other positions. By continually adding to your skillset, you can maximize the growth of your career.

Learn six ways you can begin upskilling today to advance your marketing career.

1. Subscribe to Marketing Publications

Stay current on the latest developments in the marketing industry through professional publications. For instance, articles on websites such as Digital Agency Network, Marketing Land, The Drum, PRWeek, and Marketing Week are among the top sources for industry news and commentary. Also, podcasts such as Mixergy, Marketing over Coffee, and The Science of Social Media provides information about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in marketing.

2. Follow Thought Leaders

Stay current on what thought leaders in the marketing industry are talking about. Top places to follow them include TED Talks, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Join in the online conversations whenever possible to enhance your reputation in the field. Also, subscribe to the blogs, newsletters, or other publications the leaders offer.

3. Participate in Training Opportunities

Take advantage of educational opportunities in line with your marketing career goals. This may include webinars, conferences, and online courses. If you want to pursue formal certification, you may consider LinkedIn Learning, HubSpot, or Google Certifications. See if your employer will cover at least part of the cost. Be sure you point out the benefits they will gain from your participation.

4. Take on Stretch Assignments

Ask your manager to let you work on projects outside your scope of work. This enables you to expand your network, increase your knowledge, and add to your skillset. Plus, the more you understand about the company and its business goals, the better equipped you are to design marketing campaigns according to its needs and wants. This enhances your ability to earn a promotion.

5. Job Shadow

Talk with your manager about job shadowing. You can meet more coworkers and gain hands-on experience in a different area. This may lead to a lateral job change that advances your career.

6. Find a Mentor

Ask a seasoned marketing professional to mentor you. You can benefit from their education, professional experiences, and career advice. If your mentor works for the company, they can help you gain the skills and qualifications necessary for promotions and provide recommendations.

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