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4 Tips to Women in Sales: Get Ready to Change the Game

Women are steadily taking over the sales industry. As more companies recognize the value that female sales professionals provide, many create programs to attract and retain more female candidates. Several organizations also are promoting more female sales professionals into leadership roles, further enhancing their female-friendly culture.

Discover four ways women are taking over the sales industry that can benefit your career.

1. The Number of Women in Sales Is Growing

More companies are focused on attracting and retaining women in sales roles. For instance, organizations with gender diversity as a top goal may reach out to professional associations for women in sales to source candidates. They also craft job descriptions with gender-neutral wording, such as “customer-focused” and “succeed,” to attract more female applicants. Additionally, more job descriptions emphasize problem-solving over client entertainment responsibilities. Plus, having more women sales leaders on interview panels means more diverse perspectives on candidate qualifications and reinforcement of a female-friendly culture.

2. Changes in the Sales Environment Favor Women

Since women excel at different capabilities than men, women are well equipped to be high-performing sales professionals. For instance, high-performing female sales professionals are more likely than their male counterparts to focus on connecting to a network of customers, team members, and other resources. Women also are more inclined to shape solutions by understanding the customer’s needs and adapting an offer to fit them. Plus, women typically are better at collaborating to reach their sales goals. Combining these capabilities helps pave the way to success for women in sales.

3. More Companies Offer Female Mentorship Programs

The number of businesses matching a new female sales professional with a female mentor in the organization is increasing. These mentors help the new hires acclimate to the culture and answer questions about traveling alone, having dinner with male clients, maternity leave, and other topics that they may not feel comfortable addressing with male colleagues. The mentors also may host “lunch and learn” sessions where female sales professionals openly discuss their challenges and solutions to build trust with other women and encourage private discussions to overcome their own issues. Plus, the mentors can help other women develop the skills and experience needed for advancement, then build their case in front of leaders involved with a promotion.

4. A Greater Number of Women Are Getting Promotions

There is a strong emphasis on advancing female sales professionals to management and leadership roles. These promotions often provide women with stretch roles and responsibilities that build their managerial skills.

Are You Ready to Advance Your Sales Career?

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