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Combat Zoom Fatigue with These 6 Tips

Like most people, you may feel more exhausted working from home than working in the office. This could be because of Zoom fatigue. One reason is that the high number of video calls replacing in-person meetings makes you more intently focus on conversations to absorb information. Another reason is that the only way to show you are paying attention is by looking at the camera. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make video calls less exhausting.

Implement these tips to reduce Zoom fatigue potentially.

1. Follow an Agenda

Stick to the meeting agenda. For instance, send the agenda in advance of the meeting so that everyone knows what it will cover, what is expected of them, and how long it will be. If the conversation needs to continue, ask whether everyone can pick it up over the phone or return to the topic at a set time.

2. Minimize Distractions

Keep the number of onscreen distractions low. For instance, hide your view of yourself to avoid looking at your face. Also, encourage everyone to use a plain background to maintain focus on the person speaking. Or, ask that everyone agree to turn off their video when not talking.

3. Plan Breaks

Take time away from your screen both between and during Zoom calls. For instance, leave at least 5 to 10 minutes between meetings to move around. Also, plan 25 or 50 minutes for meetings when possible. Additionally, minimize your video or look away from your screen for a few minutes every so often during longer calls to let your brain rest.

4. Share Accomplishments

Allow time for everyone to share their top goal or accomplishment for the week. Be sure they point out how it relates to a business objective and benefits the company. This gets everyone focused on the progress they are working toward or recently made. Starting the discussion on a positive note helps increase everyone’s energy level.

5. Focus on the Conversation

Instead of multitasking, maintain your focus on the speaker. The reality is that trying to accomplish other tasks during a meeting makes you less productive. After all, different parts of the brain have a hard time turning on and off for different types of work. As a result, you will not be able to remember as much as when you remain focused. Instead, close the other tabs and programs on your computer and put away your phone.

6. Communicate Through Other Methods

Determine whether any of your Zoom meetings could be changed to a phone call, email, or Slack chat. Let the participants know you need a break from video calls. Ask whether they would like to talk through another method. The attendees probably will feel the same way and be open to a change.

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