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6 Must-Have Tools for Successful Employee Onboarding in a Remote World

With the increasing numbers of employees working remotely, odds are your company is remotely onboarding new hires. Because remote work may be here to stay, remote onboarding may become the way your organization welcomes new hires. As a result, you need to adapt to remote onboarding to blend new employees with the rest of your organization successfully.

These six tools can make your onboarding process more effective.

1. Welcome Kit

An employee welcome kit shows the new hire is a valued part of the team. It may contain an employee handbook, help books, guidelines, or anything else they may need. The kit also should contain a personalized note, company swag, and office supplies. Additionally, consider including gift cards to local interests, healthy snacks, and picture frames.

2. E-Signature Tool

An e-signature tool is essential for your new hire to sign documents. With everything being paperless, there’s no need for paper storage. Also, because the documents are online, they won’t be misplaced. Plus, there is no waiting around for all parties to sign.

3. Automation

Automating your onboarding process increases efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, automated task notifications keep everyone organized. The creation of digital trails and email chains means that new hires can move forward in the onboarding process by clicking a button. They also can quickly complete and submit paperwork and start learning faster. Plus, the new hire becomes better educated, informed, and motivated to reach company goals.

4. Chatbots

Including chatbots in your onboarding process lets new hires get their basic questions answered. They can learn more about your company, their role, and how to finish their employment documents. The chatbots can direct bigger questions for HR to answer.

5. Onboarding Checklist

An onboarding checklist lets you create and assign tasks for the new hire, manager, HR, and others. This keeps everyone informed about where the new hire is in the onboarding process, and what they need to do next. It also keeps everyone knowledgeable of their responsibilities to promote the new hire’s success.

6. Learning Management Tool

A learning management tool sends notifications and reminders to the new hire. You can track their progress, schedule due dates, and handle other responsibilities. This ongoing support can fill the gaps in job skills and reinforce positive performance behaviors. The learning management tool can increase engagement, relieve personal pain points, and increase collaboration during the onboarding process. It also can build self-confidence, improve task efficiency, and prepare the new hire for future challenges. You can retain top talent, ensure new hires meet company standards, and increase individual accountability.

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