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Stand-Out Skills That Managers Need to Look for in Candidates This Year

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, companies were forced to do things differently to continue operations. This included the skills that hiring managers focused on when interviewing candidates. In addition to the technical skills required for the role, managers began paying more attention to soft skills. With the rise of remote work, candidates’ interpersonal skills became more important than ever. Whether your employees still are working remotely or have returned to the office, here are five skills to look for when adding talent to your team.

1. Problem Solving

Look for candidates who enjoy finding ways to overcome challenging situations. You want team members who develop new ideas to address existing issues. You also need employees who think logically and creatively to come up with solutions as problems arise. Be sure to ask candidates to discuss situations where they used innovative thinking to overcome adversity at work.

2. Communication

Seek candidates with strong communication skills. With a significant number of employees working remotely, a substantial amount of communication is done through chats, video, or phone conference calls. As a result, you want team members who have effectively mastered all forms of discussion. Make it a point to ask candidates how they would communicate information under typical circumstances that happen on the job to see how effective they may be.

3. Growth

Search for candidates focused on professional growth. They must quickly adapt to changes in their role, your organization, and the industry. Your team members have to be motivated to reach higher achievement levels by continuously adding to their skill set. Because they go above and beyond to evolve along with your company, they add to its growth. Remember to ask candidates how they learn new skills to perform their work better and stay current with industry changes.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Seek candidates with high emotional intelligence. With a significant number of people working from home, reading others’ emotions and responding with compassion is necessary. Your employees must think and behave empathetically as they develop relationships with colleagues, managers, coworkers, and clients. So, ask candidates for examples of how they demonstrated emotional intelligence in previous roles and their results.

5. Leadership

Look for candidates with demonstrated leadership skills. You need team members who can grow beyond their current role and provide additional value to your organization. They must not only work well individually and collaboratively, but also help the team improve their performance. Be sure you have candidates discuss a project they were in charge of, including whether it was successful and what they learned from the experience.

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