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5 Ways to Make Your First Impression on an Employer a Lasting One

The first impression you make on an employer impacts whether you are hired for a role. From the moment you meet the interviewer, you are evaluated on your potential to fit with the position, team, and organization. As a result, you need to make the most positive impression to increase your odds of being offered the job. Implement these tips to present yourself in the best way.

1. Be Prepared

Show you’ve done your research on the company. Before your meeting, do all you can about the company’s mission, vision, and values. Learn the organization’s value proposition and how it differs from its competitors. Read employee reviews to see what it’s like working for the business. Discover the latest news and developments. Review your resume and the job description to find ways your work experience can provide value to the employer. Craft answers to common interview questions that include measurable results you attained. Show how you can benefit your next employer as well. Have questions about the position, company, or industry ready for the end of the interview.

2. Dress Professionally

Choose attire that demonstrates professionalism. A jacket, blouse or a button-up shirt, pants or skirt, and polished shoes are appropriate. Conservatively style your hair. Keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum.

3. Arrive on Time

Show up for your interview at the appropriate time. If you are meeting at the office, get there 15 minutes early to check-in. If you are meeting remotely, enter the video conference at the scheduled time. Be sure you prepared in advance by loading the software and conducting a test call with a friend to ensure a smooth connection.

4. Monitor Your Body Language

Keep in mind that your body language is as important as the words you say. You need to show interest and engagement throughout the discussion. This includes maintaining eye contact, either directly or by looking at your webcam, to create a genuine connection with the interviewer. Nod your head to show understanding of what they are saying. Write down notes and key takeaways to show you are paying attention. Ask questions to increase participation in the conversation.

5. Send a Thank-You Note

Within 48 hours of completing your interview, send a thank-you note. Whether you send an email or handwritten a note, express gratitude for taking the time to meet with you. Include three main points you talked about to jog the interviewer’s memory. Mention that you are happy to provide additional information and look forward to hearing back about the position.

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