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Video Outreach: How to Get Prospects and Candidates to Reply

Video messaging is a highly personal way to connect with your prospects and candidates. They’re able to see your face and read your verbal and nonverbal body language. This creates a much stronger bond between the two of you than an email or text message could. Because video makes your messages stand out, your reply rate is much higher. This is why you need to include video in your prospect and candidate outreach. Here’s how.

Set Up Your Recording Area

Begin by finding a quiet place in your home or office to record your videos. You’ll want a clutter-free space with natural light or bright light fixtures. Include a whiteboard and other props to make your videos more engaging. Write “Hi, [prospect’s name]” on the whiteboard and make it visible in the video’s thumbnail image for greater personalization.

Get Organized

Once you have a place to record, gather everything you need to create your videos. For one, you’ll need your prospect lists. If you offer different packages and price points, be sure to segment your lists by presumed needs and budgets. This helps you decide what to say in each video for different prospect profiles. You’ll also need software to create videos and record your screen, as well as a computer with a webcam and microphone.

Create Your Scripts

When you are ready to record your videos, write a short, concise script for one target person or segment. Introduce yourself and why you’re reaching out. Use the prospect’s or candidate’s LinkedIn profile to find something you have in common, then mention it in your video to build rapport. Show empathy about a pain point the person has at work and how your product can help. Use kindness and compassion to establish trust and a personal connection with each person.

Remain on Point

Be sure your videos are short and to the point. Since your prospects and candidates are very busy, you need to respect their time. Keep your sales outreach videos between 45 and 80 seconds. Once you’ve built a connection, you can use longer videos.

Be Yourself

Show your true self in your videos. This helps you connect more strongly with your prospects and candidates. Speak in a conversational tone as you would on a call or at lunch. Being real shows you want to provide true value for the person. Sharing your face and voice while authentically offering help creates a stronger bond than using words alone.

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