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How to Prioritize Employee Development When Your Company Is Growing Fast

When your company is expanding rapidly, it’s understandable that you likely have recruitment as your top priority. After all, you need employees to fill the roles that are being created. However, keep in mind that engaging and developing your current employees is just as important as finding new ones. Offering opportunities for employee development is a major key to retaining your best talent. Here are five ways to fulfill this objective.

Clearly Define Your Expectations for Growth

Let each employee know exactly which types of growth you expect to see in them. This may include gaining new skills, working on more challenging projects, or moving up in the company. Clarify how each employee can attain each type of growth. They might need to participate in a formal development program with set requirements and benchmarks for measuring success. Be sure to explain the role each employee must play in their development. After all, active participation is what will enhance their career.

Focus on Employee Skill Development

Determine which skills each employee should develop, then work with them to develop an action plan. This is especially effective if you tie in the skill development with a future opportunity they may want or an area they are passionate about. Helping each of your employees improve their skills increases their motivation to perform their best.

Provide a Variety of Growth Opportunities

Let your employees choose which growth options they pursue. Opportunities may include webinars, conferences, or courses. Or, you may offer stretch assignments, job shadowing, or department rotations. Present a variety of options, so your employees take on the ones that interest them most. They’ll stay more engaged and remain with your company longer.

Encourage Your Employees to Try New Things

Create an atmosphere where your employees feel comfortable trying new things. Promote feelings of confidence in putting themselves out there. Focus on learning from mistakes and doing better next time. Regularly check in on each employee’s progress.

Provide Ongoing Feedback

Give each employee feedback during one-on-one time. Talk about the areas you would like them to improve in and their opportunities to develop in these areas. Then, monitor their performance to provide feedback during later meetings.

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