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How to Boost Your Sales Results Using Virtual Platforms in the New Year

Succeeding in sales has much to do with you. The way you interact with people, understand their needs, design solutions, and bounce back from rejection all directly impact your numbers. But the tools you use to help sell also have an impact on your numbers. Here are some of the best virtual sales tools you can use to become even more efficient and effective in the new year.


This platform provides market-leading analytics and provides you with the ability to add data-driven decision-making to your personal sales cycle. You can use this tool to unlock and prioritize prospects in your pipeline by accurately forecasting someone’s purchasing behavior.


Buying is rarely the decision of a single person. Boxxstep helps salespeople adapt to committee-based buying structures. This platform helps salespeople identify and understand entire buying committees. It helps you focus on what you know about your prospect through relationship mapping, how you can help them through mutual action plans, and what they think about you through win-loss analysis.


GoToMeeting is hardly a new platform, but it’s one worth exploring for video conferencing. According to its website, GoToMeeting customers close deals 20% faster when they incorporate this tool into their sales process. It’s impossible to verify this internal claim, but it is one of the most popular platforms on the market.


This tool is positioned as a sales acceleration platform, but you can also use it to manage nearly all of your marketing and sales content, from campaigns to training. Allbound allows you to make personalized landing pages for each client that boost the quality and outcome of interactions. The tool also allows you to register every deal and keep leads organized.

Adobe Sign

A deal is not finalized until the client signs on the dotted line, but getting a signed contract can often be a challenge in virtual sales. Adobe Sign allows you to create, transmit, sign easily, and manage contracts in the cloud.

Agile CRM

This tool is excellent for small teams because it is free for up to ten users. You can use Agile CRM to help manage time and resources. It integrates with a host of other email tools, customer service software, conference calling tools, billing tools, social media platforms, and more.

Demand Base

As a B2B sales pro, you need to have a proper understanding of every organization you engage with, especially when it comes to how the organization makes buying decisions. Demand Base provides a suite of account-based sales solutions that pull CRM data, correlates leads to accounts, activates marketing automation actions, measure the engagement, and provides insight on how to plan each next move.

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