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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Give Back to Your Employees This Holiday Season

When it comes to showing appreciation to your employees, branded coffee mugs or company sweatshirts are nice, but there are more meaningful ways to say thanks at the end of the year. Here are five cost-effective ways to give back to your employees this holiday season.


Give Unexpected Time Off

One of the greatest gifts you can give your employees is the gift of time. Surprise your employees with random days off or unexpected early dismissals during the holiday season. They can use that extra time to handle holiday errands or spend time with their families.


Handwritten Holiday Cards

Take the time to handwrite a personal note to each employee in your holiday cards. Address some of their biggest achievements and express your sincere appreciation and the work they have put in to achieve their goals.


A Socially Responsible Holiday Party

If your team has been working together onsite during the pandemic, plan a socially-distant get together after work to celebrate the holidays. If your team is working remotely, host a Zoom happy hour, or if the weather permits, get together outside or even indoors if your team is small enough to meet guidelines for indoor gatherings.

If you do get together in person, don’t make it mandatory in case people do not feel comfortable joining in. During these times, be flexible with people who wish to remain cautious or who may be vulnerable.

Give Practical Gifts

Your budget might be tight for gift giving this year, but small gift cards are always appreciated. You probably want to allow people to be frivolous, but it’s important to be practical and hand out gift cards people can and will actually use. If your remote team is spread out across the country, for example, local restaurants or regional grocery chain gift cards do them no good.

If your team is local, restaurant and grocery cards may actually be very useful and appreciated. When using items like gift cards to show appreciation, focus on practicality so that it spreads the good cheer you are aiming for and doesn’t end up collecting dust.

Give Personalized Novelty Gifts

Consider making your team laugh while showing them that you know them well. Personalized novelty gifts can be a nice way to spread joy during the holidays. Consider things like:

  • A mug with a common office saying
  • Artwork that reflects their interests or hobbies
  • A funny calendar
  • A t-shirt or hat
  • Picture frames with the names of their children etched in

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