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Prepare for Your Next Video Sales Call Using These 6 Tips

By now, everyone is used to selling online, but are you setting up for each call’s success? Follow these tips for making sure you’re making the most of your video sales calls and getting one step closer to closing the deal.

1. Send A Short Tutorial on Your Video Platform

Yes, video conferencing has become common, but never assume your prospect knows how to use your particular platform. In addition to sending the join link, include directions on how to join the call. Make sure you are logged in early in case the prospect experiences any difficulty getting in.

2. Use a White Board As Your Background

Place a whiteboard behind you with the prospect or client’s name, company name, and some key points you’ll be going over in your meeting. This can help eliminate your home or home office’s distractions as a background and shows your prospect that you are 100 percent focused on them during the meeting.

Test a video beforehand to make sure your head does not block the information you put on the whiteboard. If your head is in the way, the prospect will get distracted trying to read around you.

3. Don’t Mute The Prospect

It can be distracting if the prospect has things going on in the background but try not to mute them if they don’t mute themselves. You want them to be able to speak up if they have questions rather than making them sit on their questions until the end, in which case they may forget or simply not want to ask.

4. Put a Plan B In The Meeting Invitation

No matter how well you plan, connectivity issues can strike at any time. Set up a conference call line in case the video call gets cut off and include the number in your meeting invitation – just make it clear that it is only in case of an emergency. Also, consider attaching important documents or data to that invitation so the client can pull them up if you must switch to a voice call. At the start of the call, remind the prospect that if they lose internet connection or their computer happens to crash, to dial into that number.

5. Set An Agenda

People are more comfortable with meetings when they have a copy of an agenda. People are getting a bit fatigued with video conferencing, and it can make them less anxious about your sales call if they know what to expect, how long it might be, and if they can follow along with progress. This also helps you stand out by showing that you value the prospect’s time.

6. Use Video To Follow Up

When sending a follow-up email after your video sales call, don’t compose a long, text-based email. Instead, record a short video recapping the call, focusing in on specific pain points uncovered in your meeting. You can incorporate a short list of bullet points and necessary attachments as well, but a short video message will help you stand out and stay top-of-mind.

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