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4 Sales Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts have become a prime tool for salespeople to stay on top of and ahead of trends. Not only are podcasts fun to listen to, but they are also effortless to fit into a daily schedule. Whether you listen during a commute, while you take a walk, while you clean your house, or even while you get some paperwork done, podcasts are a great medium for professional development. Don’t miss out on these four podcasts for insights into selling.

The Ziglar Show

Kevin Miller, the host of this podcast, says that he aims to inspire your true performance. Named for the late sales guru Zig Ziglar, the show’s purpose is to give you a springboard for success.

The Ziglar Show is professional development for those working for something bigger than themselves. Each episode, Miller hosts renowned guests to discuss topics like business, sales, professional performance, faith, and the Zig Ziglar legacy of, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Sales Gravy

Founded in 2006 by bestselling author and sales coach Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy is the largest community of B2B sales professionals outside of LinkedIn. The Sales Gravy Podcast is an arm of that larger community.

The Sales Gravy Podcast has been described as “passionate, motivating, and essential for sales professionals and leaders who want to win and win big.” It is easy to consume, offers actionable tips, and is considered a must-listen by members of the larger Gravy community.

Make it Happen Mondays

If you are looking for a podcast that specifically addresses topics for B2B sales, check out Make It Happen Mondays.

This show is targeted at B2B sales pros and hosted by John Barrows, a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. Each week, Barrows provides actionable sales tips to close more business and brings on industry leaders to talk about trends and news.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

If you are looking for what works today in the world of B2B sales, this podcast is for you. Topics include cold calling, advanced selling skills, strategic selling, LinkedIn, sales leadership, social media, B2B marketing, Maverick Selling Method, and the ongoing evolution of sales.

While the title of the podcast may make it seem like it’s going to be a negative experience, the podcast is motivating. It doesn’t dance around issues or sugarcoat the difficult aspect of sales, but it helps you find ways to address your challenges head-on.

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