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Instill Confidence In Your Clients During Difficult Times With These Tips

With so much chaos in the marketplace and so many businesses struggling to stay afloat, it has never been more important to instill confidence in your clients. Your customers want to know that you and your company are there for them and they won’t get left high and dry. Use these tips to build trust and instill confidence with clients during difficult times.

Be Transparent

Customers who are informed, connected, and engaged are difficult to lose. When clients are uninformed, they will leave your company. They will either make assumptions to fill in the blanks, or one of your competitors will swoop in and steal them away.

Make sure you are providing your customers with regular communication that educates them on their products, helps them feel confident in their choices, and helps them understand that your company will continue to be there for them.

Reach Out WITHOUT Selling

Check-in on your clients and prospects from time to time without selling to them. You might simply ask how they are doing, send them a useful article, or send best wishes if you know personal things about them like birthdays.

Reaching out in an authentic way without asking for anything in return boosts confidence and trust. It shows clients and prospects that you care about them, not just how much they order from you.

Work With Clients That Need Help

As a sales rep, you have some control over your margins. And while you have to put food on your own table, you can probably afford to help out a client that might need a short-term discount on products due to hard times. Talk to your sales manager about how much leeway you have to help clients on price and work out a plan that ensures profitability for your company while still providing relief and excellent service to clients that need it.

Add Value

What can you do to really add value to your clients’ businesses? Now is the time to brainstorm ways to deliver additional value and put it into play. Whether its helping your clients become more efficient, providing them with hacks to make their products last a little longer, or something totally unique, figure out a way to make you and your company indispensable to clients right now.

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