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How to Successfully Onboard Your New Employees… Virtually

Onboarding sets the tone for a new employee’s tenure with your company. Their first weeks, days, and even minutes on the job ultimately impact how long they will stay with your organization. A strong onboarding leads to happier and more engaged employees while a poor and disorganized process almost always leads to turnover.

Onboarding is challenging no matter the circumstances but when a new hire is working remotely, those challenges can add up quickly. However, with the right approach, you can give your new remote hires the tools to succeed and love their jobs.

Send Paperwork Immediately

Send remote employees their new hire paperwork as soon as you receive their signed offer letter. You want to allow plenty of time to review, sign, and return those documents before their first day. Give them a clear deadline for when that paperwork must be returned, but provide ample time for completion.

Set Up Tech Well In Advance

Every sales manager has experienced the frustration and embarrassment that happens when a new employee’s login credentials have not been set up. When everyone is working remotely, it can take even longer to correct this issue. So, several days before the new hire is slated to start, make sure all the necessary technology, logins and permissions have been obtained so you have plenty of time to work through potential problems.

Welcome Them “In-Person”

You’d meet a new in-house employee at the door, so do the same with your remote employees. Set up a video call first thing in the morning on their first day to welcome them, go over the onboarding process and then invite the rest of their team to join that meeting in progress and introduce themselves.

Keep Them Busy Throughout Their First Week

New employees should have a structured schedule for their first week so they don’t have to wonder what to do next and don’t feel abandoned.

Set a schedule for each day, blocking out time for orientation, training, independent work, meeting with teammates, etc. Don’t forget to add the new employee to all meeting invitations, as well. You might even consider scheduling a “team lunch” over video chat to get to know the new person and make them feel welcome.

Provide Clear Expectations

Mismatched expectations often lead to turnover, so during the onboarding period, sit down with new employees and go over expectations. Provide them with details on exactly how you will measure progress and success. Set goals for day one, week one, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

Meet Regularly

When everyone is working remotely it’s easy to forget about new employees. Therefore, set a schedule for regular check-ins to stay on top of onboarding progress. This will allow you to keep a handle on how the employee is progressing and allows the sales rep the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback of their own.

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